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Furniture & Office Supplies For The Federal Government

FSIoffice works with various agencies and departments within the federal government to provide office furniture and workspace supplies. Combined with our awareness of specific protocols, FSIoffice is an easy choice for government agencies when choosing company contracts.

Furniture Contracts For Federal Government

FSIoffice has been a dedicated supplier for furniture for the federal government for many years.

To meet the needs of our furniture contracts with GSA packaged office #GS-27F-0020X.

The GSA Packaged Office contract GS-27F-0020X is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract awarded by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). It falls under Schedule 71, which covers furniture, furnishings, and floor coverings.

The contract is specific to Packaged Office Furniture, which typically includes pre-configured office furniture solutions. These packages are designed to provide a comprehensive set of furniture items that can furnish standard office spaces, such as desks, chairs, cabinets, workstations, and other office furniture components. The purpose of these contracts is to streamline the procurement process for federal agencies and other eligible organizations by offering a variety of pre-negotiated office furniture options.

Federal Government Supply Contracts

Forms & Supply, Inc./dba FSIoffice, is a duly Authorized Distribution Agent for TSRC Inc/dba Frank Parsons, for FSSI OS4 Contract # 47QSEA20D008E.

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