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Janitorial Supplies Facility Cleaning

With a renewed emphasis on workplace health and safety having the right mix of janitorial supplies on hand is mission critical. Facility cleaning is an integral part of running a successful organization. It goes beyond surface-level cleanliness, playing a crucial role in promoting health, safety, and productivity. By investing in regular cleaning practices, businesses can create a positive and welcoming environment, boost employee morale, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Ultimately, prioritizing facility cleaning leads to a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace for everyone involved. Our selection of janitorial and facility cleaning supply solutions helps maintain the cleanliness and safety of any workspace be it retail, commercial office, or industrial. 

FSIoffice has a wide range of cleaning and facility supplies to meet all your needs and keep your building running smoothly. Our facilities cleaning experts are industry veterans and can help create a custom cleaning solution to keep your business or facility in order, using nothing but the best supplies and products at a reasonable price including cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools, trash bags and can liners, trash receptacles, personal protective equipment, restroom equipment, safety signs, soap and sanitizer dispensers, floor care chemicals and equipment, janitorial carts and organizers, and more.

Janitorial Supplies - Facility Maintenance and Upkeep

Using the right tools for the right jobs will save you precious time and resources while maximizing your budget and providing substantial labor savings. In the world of Janitorial Supplies the right mix of products can help your business or workplace remain clean, safe  and healthy. Depending on what suits you and your business, school, or office, you might need a variety of tools and supplies for facility maintenance including:

FSIoffice has the solution to help you keep your operation clean and running smoothly.

Cleaning Chemicals, Soaps & Sanitizers

From hard surfaces such as countertops and floors to softer ones like chairs and carpets, all spaces collect grit and grime. That’s why we carry a full line of cleaning supplies to make it easy to keep all your workspace surfaces clean and disinfected. Let our Facility Cleaning experts help you create a plan for cleaning and sanitizing all your workspaces with the correct mix products of including:

FSIoffice also specializes in environmentally friendly products, because we care about the environment the way you care.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Recently it has become important to not only maintain and clean the surfaces in your facility but also clean the air.  Specialized air purifiers are designed to improve indoor air quality by removing various pollutants such as allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust, mold spores, and other particles from the air. 

The air inside your school, facility, or office can contain up to 5 times more air pollution than the outdoors. Studies show that indoor air pollutants are responsible for half of all illnesses. Your existing HVAC system may not be enough to get the job done! Cleaning the air in your facility and office with a dedicated air purification system can provide the solution to these invisible problems! 

Ultimately, purifying indoor air is a proactive step towards creating a healthier, more comfortable working environment. It’s an investment in the well-being and quality of life of everyone who occupies the workspace.

FSIoffice has the solution from Fellowes to help you keep your facility healthy, happy, and efficient. From single-room floor units and wall-mounted configurations to the advanced Fellowes Array Networked Air Quality System that includes an integrated, breakthrough range of air purifiers, sensors, and monitoring software that can be connected to form a complete network for healthy air in any room, floor or space. Our Facility Cleaning Specialists can assist you in determining the right configuration to clean the air in your facility. Just click the “Contact Us” button below, fill out the form, and we will be in touch.

Our Facility and Cleaning Experts Are Here To Help

Our Facilities and Cleaning supply team combines many years of experience in critical areas such as facilities supplies, janitorial and sanitation, and breakroom supply planning. Our team is also trained technicians in cleaning and disinfecting principles set forth by the GBAC AG (Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a division of ISSA) and also hold the ISSA CMI Covid-19 Disinfection Defense certification. Their ability to develop relationships and help clients meet the needs of their facilities keeps the process simple, efficient, and easy for you.

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Loraine Boyer

Learn more about how the expert FSIoffice team can help you to maintain a clean and sanitary space (without any extra effort).

Janitorial Supplies & Facility Cleaning FAQ's

What are the most essential cleaning products to keep my business clean and healthy?

Multipurpose Cleaners: All-purpose or multipurpose cleaners are ideal for the general cleaning of surfaces like desks, countertops, and tables. Effective for removing dirt, grease, and grime.

Disinfectant Wipes or Sprays: Effective for disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment. Kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Glass Cleaner: Use for streak-free cleaning of windows, glass doors, and mirrors.

Paper Towels: Essential for quick cleanups and drying surfaces.

Trash Bags and Trash Bins: Keep a sufficient supply of both to maintain a tidy environment.

Bathroom Cleaners: Toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom disinfectant, and surface cleaners for maintaining restroom hygiene. Designed to tackle soap scum, mold, mildew, and other bathroom-specific dirt.

Mops and Buckets: For floor cleaning and spill cleanup.

Broom and Dustpan: Essential for keeping floors free of dirt and debris.

Vacuum Cleaner: For carpets and larger cleaning tasks.

Microfiber Cloths: Reusable and effective for dusting and general cleaning.

Latex or Nitrile Gloves: Protect hands when using cleaning chemicals.

Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer: Promote hand hygiene in restrooms and common areas.

Air Fresheners or Deodorizers: Keep the workspace smelling fresh.

Dusters: For dusting surfaces, electronics, and hard-to-reach areas.

Stain Remover: For addressing spills and stains on carpets or upholstery.

Organizational Tools: Caddies or storage systems to keep supplies neat and easily accessible.

Ensure that you follow safety guidelines and provide appropriate training for staff responsible for cleaning tasks. Regular cleaning schedules and the use of proper supplies contribute to a healthy and comfortable work environment.