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Keeping Healthcare Running

We know what it takes to keep healthcare companies moving forward. FSIoffice has become a trusted supplier for our healthcare customers by helping them get the “just in time” products and supplies to assist in delivering the highest level of care to their patients.

We know how to work with Healthcare GPO such as Orthoform, Group Source, Premier, Vizient, and Healthtrust to get you the most for your budget.


Healthcare Supply

From single physician practices to major healthcare networks, FSIoffice has the expertise to help every organization along that spectrum with office, cleaning and breakroom supplies.

OrthoForum is a specialized physician association boasting a membership of over 3,300 physicians located throughout the United States. It also encompasses some of the largest privately owned orthopedic practices in the country.

Working with our association with AOPD  we can help OrthoForum member practices as a supplier for everything you need for your office. If your hospital or physicians group is a member of Premier GPO you have access to discounted supplies, including office, janitorial, and facility supplies, safety equipment, furniture, breakroom supplies, and more. 

We participate in other major medical GPO’s (group purchasing organizations) nationwide that help you buy locally even if you have a national reach through our association with AOPD.

Healthcare Interiors

Every segment of the healthcare industry is different, and so is every medical office. Designing the interior of healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices is a nuanced endeavor that requires a delicate balance of functionality, aesthetics, and patient-centered considerations. The layout and design must prioritize efficiency for medical staff while creating a welcoming, calming environment for patients. Thoughtful choices for the furniture and fixtures of waiting areas, consultation rooms, and examination spaces are essential to ensure a seamless flow of patient traffic. Incorporating soothing colors, natural lighting, and comfortable furnishings can alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of well-being.

Moreover, the choice of materials and surfaces should prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, meeting the stringent standards of healthcare environments. Integration of modern technology and equipment is crucial for providing state-of-the-art care. Ultimately, a well-designed healthcare facility or doctors’ office interior not only fosters a conducive environment for medical practitioners but also instills confidence and comfort in patients seeking essential healthcare services. That’s why we take the time to plan the design for your medical practice or clinic for its specific needs.

FSIoffice has worked with:

  • Physicians’ offices
  • Primary care facilities
  • Acute Care Facilities

To design clean, functional, and modern healthcare office interiors for every practice.

Healthcare Office Furniture

Healthcare office furniture goes far beyond mere aesthetics; it plays a vital role in enhancing the functionality, comfort, and overall atmosphere of healthcare spaces. By prioritizing functionality, patient comfort, infection control, flexibility, technology integration, and creating healing environments, healthcare providers can create environments that support both patients and medical professionals in delivering high-quality care. Investing in well-designed office furniture is an investment in the well-being of both patients and staff, ultimately contributing to a more effective and positive healthcare experience.

We choose to work with outstanding and well-respected healthcare furniture vendors such as Norix, Stance Healthcare, Global Furniture Healthcare, La-Z Boy Healthcare, and many more to provide the best solutions for your healthcare interior needs.

No matter your specialty, our simple and efficient processes, developed by our team of personal representatives, will help you find the right solutions for your healthcare furniture and interior design needs.

Our team is here to help your healthcare company succeed.