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Who We Serve

At FSIoffice we work with a wide range of clients, from schools and government agencies, to the mom and pop shop on the downtown corner.

Our memberships with national distribution programs, such as AOPD, allow us to serve your business needs throughout the country, while continuing to maintain that direct customer care and personalized service that you’ve come to know and appreciate.

Through our wide range of manufacturers, we’re able to offer office supply and furniture solutions for specific industries.

Connect with us now to see why you’ll appreciate our service.

Corporate Office

Supplying new corporate offices in any location is made easy with service you will appreciate from FSIoffice.

Small Business

Our team has a unique understanding of small business operations, and we’re here to help your company with tailor made services to meet your needs.


FSIoffice works with multiple GPOs and has the experience needed to support your healthcare office.

K-12 Education

Working with national suppliers, and offering various schedules for purchasing, FSIoffice can develop the right supply plan for your K-12 program.

Higher Education

We know how seriously students take their education so FSIoffice works to support educators to keep all facility and supply needs met easily and efficiently.

Federal Government

As a certified contractor for the Federal Government, FSIoffice provides supplies and systems that keep government departments functioning.

State & Local Government

FSIoffice has the experience needed to support state and local government operations, and has been a trusted service provider for many years.

Work From Home

We know what it takes to keep a workforce productive from their home offices, and we offer various packages to meet the needs of your staff when they work from home.

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