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Breakroom Supplies

As your company grows and evolves, it’s essential to give your employees a well-supplied and well-designed breakroom that matches the ethos of your business. Stylish and functional breakrooms have been shown to enhance moods and lead to greater productivity. 

Stocking a company breakroom effectively requires careful planning to create a comfortable, functional, and appealing space for employees.

Many times it’s helpful to gather feedback from employees about their preferences for snacks, beverages, and amenities. This ensures that the items stocked align with their tastes and needs. Provide a diverse selection of snacks that cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions, including options for gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free diets. Stock a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, flavored water, and perhaps even juices or sodas. Ensure that the breakroom is always well-stocked with these essentials.

Set up a schedule for restocking the breakroom to ensure that supplies are always available. Nothing is more disappointing for employees than finding an empty snack shelf, missing cups, plates, or disposable utensils, or a coffee machine with no coffee. Our Breakroom Specialists can help design a program that sets up regular reminders to help keep your breakroom fully stocked.

Keeping your breakroom clean and tidy is also an essential factor in creating an appealing space for employees and guests. Assign responsibility for maintaining the breakroom’s cleanliness. Regular cleaning of tables, countertops, and appliances is essential for a pleasant environment. Invest in comfortable and ergonomic seating options that encourage relaxation and social interaction.

Choose functional furniture that serves different purposes. Consider tables for dining, soft seating for lounging, and perhaps a separate area for quiet work or reading. Stock the breakroom with essential kitchen supplies such as utensils, plates, cups, and napkins. Keep these well-organized for easy access. Provide hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and tissues for maintaining hygiene, especially in light of recent health concerns.

Ultimately, the breakroom should be a place where employees can relax, recharge, and connect with colleagues. Pay attention to the overall atmosphere and design of the space. By taking these factors into account and regularly assessing the needs of employees, companies can create a breakroom that enhances employee satisfaction, well-being, and overall productivity.

Breakroom Furniture With Functional Design​

Breakrooms can be spaces for rest and a moment away. They can also be transformative and designed with multiple uses in mind, built to develop the collaborative culture specific to your company’s style.

We have found that customers looking for breakroom furniture are seeking a combination of functionality, comfort, aesthetics, and durability. We can help you design a space where your employees take breaks, relax, and socialize. Here are some key factors that customers often consider when shopping for breakroom furniture:

Comfort: Breakrooms are meant to be comfortable spaces where people can unwind and recharge. Ergonomic chairs, cushioned seating, and well-padded sofas or lounge chairs always offer your employees a comfortable place to unwind.

Functionality: Furniture should serve its purpose well. We often find that a plan that includes tables and chairs of various sizes to accommodate different group sizes, along with storage options like cabinets, shelves, or drawers to store personal items or breakroom supplies works best in most locations.

Durability: Breakroom furniture should be able to withstand frequent use. We recommend furniture made from sturdy materials like metal, solid wood, or high-quality laminates, which can resist wear and tear over time.

Aesthetics: The visual appeal of breakroom furniture is important, as it contributes to the overall atmosphere of the space. Look for furniture that complements the overall design and style of your office or facility.

Versatility: Modular or flexible furniture options can be appealing, as they allow you to rearrange the space as needed for different activities or group sizes.

FSIoffice works with over 150 different manufacturers to offer breakroom furniture tailored to encourage collaboration, allow for relaxation, or a little bit of both. With our custom 2D and 3D color renderings, you’ll get to look inside your new workplace breakroom, make adjustments and approve every piece of it before it gets built.

Coffee & Coffee Service

A long-standing perk of many company breakrooms is a well-stocked coffee program. We can help you develop a coffee program that is a  combination of convenience, quality, customization, and cost-effectiveness. From robust dark roasts to smooth lattes, we offer a variety of blends and brewing methods. Elevate your coffee break to a delightful ritual.

The quality of coffee and other beverages is paramount. Employees want access to flavorful and well-brewed coffee, as well as a variety of options such as tea, hot chocolate, and specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. Offices have diverse preferences when it comes to coffee and beverages. FSIoffice offers a wide range of coffee blends, flavors, and roasts to cater to different tastes.

We can also help you research and narrow down the available variety of coffee brewing equipment, including traditional coffee makers, espresso machines, and single-serve brewers from FlaviaKeurig, and other manufacturers. 

FSIoffice can provide everything you need to provide a great coffee experience to your employees including coffee & expresso, coffee condiments, disposable coffee filters, coffee airpots & accessories, and commercial-grade coffee makers and brewers

Our breakroom specialists are trained to help you analyze your team’s preferences and develop a coffee program that balances the wants of your team with the realities of your budget. We offer coffee programs ranging from single-serve pods and frac packs to whole-bean options

Coffee Brands

We offer a wide variety of coffee brands to choose from including Dunkin‘, Green Mountain, Folgers, and many others. Whatever your preference, we can provide the right coffee for your breakroom.

Coffee Formats

We offer single-serve pods for machines such as Keurig or packs for Flavia brewers as well as fraction packs, and large canister formats for automatic drip machines.

Coffee Brewers

Choosing the right equipment is as important as selecting the right coffee. FSIoffice has a wide selection of commercial-grade coffee brewers and brewer programs to suit almost any situation.

Snacks and Beverages

Providing snacks has been shown to keep workers happier and allow them to spend more time on the company campus. It can also make employees feel valued and appreciated, promote a positive work environment, and boost morale, leading to increased job satisfaction and a stronger sense of belonging. Snacks in the breakroom can help employees recharge during short breaks. When employees have access to convenient and nutritious snacks, they can refuel and maintain their energy levels, leading to improved focus and productivity.

We have a wide range of beverages and snack foods to keep your staff nourished and hydrated throughout the workday. 

Disposable Utensils and Napkins

Providing cups, napkins, paper towels, and utensils in a breakroom will allow for a space that is easier to tidy and keep clean.

There are many options to consider when stocking your breakroom with disposable dinnerware and utensils. There are several different types of folded disposable napkins and at least as many other options for the dispensers involved in delivering these items to your employees. Disposable paper napkins commonly come in 1 or 2-ply options, and they are offered  7in a multitude of folded styles, making them compatible with a variety of napkin dispensers. The colors offered are generally bright white or natural brown. FSIoffice offers disposable paper napkins in full fold, interfold, low fold, mini fold, side fold, tall fold, or roll formats. To learn more about the sizes of these sizes of different options check out our blog post on disposable napkins here

Whether your focus is on budget-friendly plastic or sourcing environmentally sound materials, FSIoffice has disposable breakroom supplies for every office.

Clean and Sanitized

Providing a welcoming, clean, and sanitary space for your employees to gather is now more important than ever. We provide all of the sanitation solutions for floors, counters, sinks, and anything else needed to provide a safe and welcoming space.

Cleaning Supplies are a critical part of any breakroom supply closet. A well-stocked breakroom should always have a ready supply of all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaner, a broom and dustpan, a mop and bucket, and plenty of trash bags.

Basic sanitation also requires items such as hand sanitizers (both individual bottles and wall-mounted dispensers), hand soap, paper towels, and tissues to help keep your employee’s hand clean and sanitized. If your breakroom area has a sink you will need to stock Dishwashing Supplies such as dish soap dishwasher detergent (if applicable), and a dish drying rack or towels.

Finally, all breakrooms generate waste so you will need to have supplies to remove it. Waste Management supplies include trash cans with lids, recycling bins, and trash can liners or garbage bags.

Comfort Creates Collaboration

By providing a welcoming, comfortable space, your employees will have the necessary separation from the fast pace of the office. With the right design and setup, these spaces can lead to greater collaboration, even while stepping away from the company flow. Get more information on our process for creating the perfect breakroom space on our Office Furniture Solutions page.

Let us help you design the right breakroom spaces for your team.