FSIoffice FAQ's

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Question: Can you tell me my password?

Answer: Due to increased security we cannot see your password. Please click on “Forgot Password?” located below the password entry field on the login page. Enter your Username and click “Next”. Answer your security question and click “Next”. This will reset your password. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Login using your username and the temporary password that was sent to you. The system will then ask you to change your password.

IMPORTANT! – Copy and Paste the temporary password when you are logging in.

Question: “Forgot My Password” doesn’t work.
Answer: You are either not answering the security question correctly or you are locked out. Due to higher security, after multiple attempts the system locks you out. Please click “Contact Us” located at the bottom of the webpage in the Purple bar. Select “Reset My Password” as the message type, and we will reset your password. You will receive a separate email with a temporary password to use. Please log in at www.fsioffice.com and copy/paste the temporary password in. The system will then request that you set up a new password and security question that will be known only to you.
**If you fill out the online Reset Request, please do not contact your CSR with the same request. This will only delay your request due to multiple resets.

Question: I changed my password and answered my security question, but it won’t take me off of the page.
Answer: Close your browser window and go back to www.fsioffice.com and enter your username and new-password again.

Question: How do I Copy/Paste?
Answer: Put your mouse courser in front of the item you want to copy. Hold down the left mouse button. Slowly drag your mouse across the item that you want to copy until the entire area you want copied is highlighted. Release the left mouse button, but leave the curser over the highlighted area. Click the right mouse button and select “Copy”. Then go to the area that you wish the paste the copied item. Click the right mouse button and select “Paste”.

Question: How do I logout?
Answer: If you look in the upper area of your screen you will see a green logout button. Click the logout button, and you will be logged out of our system.

Question: I’ve completed my order, but the system won’t let me check out. It keeps taking me to the login page. The top corner has my information, why can I not check out?
Answer: Please look in the upper right area of your screen. If there is not a green “Logout” button, then you are not logged in. Please enter your username and password to complete your order.

Question: How can I change my security Question?
Answer: To change your security question, click “Edit Profile” in the My Account dropdown menu. Click on “Change Security Question” and enter your password. (This verifies your authority to change the security question.) Then Click the down arrow in the Security Question box and choose a new question. Enter the answer to your question and click “Change Question” or the Enter Key on your keyboard.

Question: I cannot print from Order History, Compare Items, use the HP Printing tool, or the Calendars/Planners tool.
Answer: Please make sure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Question: How do we set up new users online?
Answer: You can either request a login by clicking on this link, or by contacting your CSR and they will be happy to have your new user set up.

Question: Our office has moved, how do I change our address on our account?
Answer: At this time you are unable to make this change online. Please contact your Customer Service Representative and they will be happy to update your account information.


Question: What is the selling UM?
Answer: The unit of measure displayed in the “Your Price” column is the unit of measure in which you will be charged and receive the product. For example, if a pen is listed in the “Your Price” field as $0.99/Each, you will receive 1 pen for $0.99. If you would like a full dozen, you would enter “12” in the quantity field.

Question: What does “EA” mean?
Answer: This is the unit of measure. It’s an abbreviation for “each”. Below is a list of unit of measure abbreviations.

BK = BookBX = BoxCS = CaseCT = CartonDZ = Dozen
EA = EachPK = PackRL = RollRM = ReamST = Set


Question: How do I order a custom stamp?
Answer: Once you are logged in, click on Featured Items, then select Custom Printed Products. (If you do not see this option, we have been asked not to allow you to use it. Contact your purchasing department for more info.) A separate window will open, and you can create your product, see a preview, and then add to cart. The cost of the customization is included in the cost of the stamp. Since customized products are non-returnable, you may want to talk with your customer service rep the first time you order.
*Please note – with the Notary Stamps, we need a copy of your certification. And Signature Stamps must be ordered through your CSR.

Question: How do I order custom printed items (ex. Business Cards, Printed Envelops)?
Answer: Please contact your sales person or CSR.

Question: What does the in the “Your Price” column mean?
Answer: This means that the item you are trying to order is not available or your purchasing department has asked us to block this item.

Question: How do I measure a binder?
Answer: Binders are measured by the ring in the binder (not the outside spine). Measure across diameter of the ring – this will give you the size.

Question: How do I measure for a privacy/glare screen?
Answer: Please follow this link and then follow the instructions from 3M Screen Fit Selector.

Question: When are dated goods available?
Answer: Dated goods (calendars and planners) are available for the new (next) year in August and September of the current year. Plan ahead – calendars sell out fast!

Question: Is there a way that I can see if an item is in stock?
Answer: Please contact your CSR for the most up to date information.

Question: I received a alternate/substitute item. Why didn’t I get what I ordered?
Answer: The majority of the time, an item is substituted because it is comparable and more economical (a better value item.) If the item you received is not to your satisfaction, please contact your CSR.

Question: The system is suggesting an alternate/substitute item, but I want the original item that I entered. How do I get the original item?
Answer: Sometimes when you enter in an item number a grey box will show below the item that lets you know there is a less expensive alternate/substitute item. In this box you can either click on the suggested item to add it to your cart instead, or you can click on the original item to receive the item number that you entered.
Please be aware that if you see the grey box and the original item has the symbol , then your purchasing department may have asked us to automatically change your item to the less expensive alternate/substitute item.

Question: I keep seeing alternate items popping up. How do I block these?
Answer: Call your Customer Service Representative and your account will be checked to see if you are eligible to have subs blocked.

Question: How do I order furniture?
Answer: Please contact your CSR.

Question: Can I place orders after 5:00PM?
Answer: Yes, our online order system is available 24 hours a day. However, our normal business hours are Monday – Friday from 8:00AM until 5:00PM EST. Orders not placed during business hours are considered being ordered on the “next” business day


Question: What is my cut-off time for ordering to receive my order the next day?

Answer: Orders entered before 3:00PM EST should be delivered the next business day. If you have an item that you must have the next day, it would be advisable to contact your Customer Service Representative in order to make sure the item is in stock and available for shipping the next day.

Question: What is the delivery time for special orders?
Answer: Special orders are out of the ordinary and they will take longer to process. Custom stamps normally take 7-10 days. Furniture items can be up to 4 weeks. Your CSR can answer questions on lead times depending on the product.

Question: What is all this information on my Packing Slip?

  1. Your Invoice Number – This is the number in the top right corner. This number is assigned to your order when it is placed, and follows through with the order until completion.
  2. Your Account Number & Department – This is the information in the left corner above the billing address. This is the number that FSI has assigned to your personal account and any shiptos you have.
  3. Piece Count – This is located in the top, center of the packing slip. This is the number of total cartons (boxes delivered) your order contains. Example: 1 case of paper and a box of miscellaneous items would be a 2 piece count.
  4. In the top of the packing slip between the Billing and Shipping information is the method of payment. You will see either “Charge”, “Prepay”, or “Credit”. Charge means the order will be billed by regular invoice. Prepay means the order will be charged to your credit card. Credit means credit memo.
  5. In the body of the packing slip is the following:
    1. Bin Location – this is where the item is in our warehouse- just FSI reference.
    2. Order Qty, B/O Qty, Ship qty – Total order, number backordered (if applicable), and the number shipped.
    3. U/M – This is the unit of measure of the item ordered.
    4. Co – Manufacturing comp”>any
    5. Item – The order number of the item and its description.

**Note – The total due on a packing slip is for items shipped, and may not include tax***


Question: How long do we have to report a shortage?
Answer: You have 10 business days to report a shortage.

Question: How can I tell if my package has been delivered?
Answer: When you go to your Order History and find the order # you are looking for, you may click on the blue and it will open up a page to show you when your order was delivered and who signed for your order.


Question: Can I pay my account online?
Answer: Yes, you can be set up to enter your credit card information as you submit each order or you can pay for a specific time period with your credit card. However, we do need to set it up for you to have the ability to pay your account online. Please contact your FSIoffice Customer Service Representative and ask them to have our E-Commerce department set this up for you.

Question: What other ways can I pay for my purchases?
Answer: You can either mail in a check or you can call our accounting department at 1-800-845-2013 and pay by a credit card.

Please mail payments to:

Forms & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 563953
Charlotte, NC 28256

Question: How do I print an invoice?
Answer: Click on “My Account” then “Order History”. For each order number there is a checkbox. Check the box for each order you want to print. Then click “Print” which is in grey at the bottom and top of the invoice listing. Make sure your Pop-Up blocker will allow the page to pull up so you can print it.

Question: What is FSIoffice’s Sales Tax Policy?
Answer: FSI Office collects sales tax on all taxable sales shipped into the following states: Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin. If you are in one of these states, but are exempt from sales tax, please furnish the appropriate tax exemption certificate from your state. It can be emailed to Yolanda.Cassells@FormsandSupply.com, faxed to 704-596-7537, or mailed to FSI Office, Attn: Yolanda Cassells, PO Box 563953, Charlotte, NC 28256-3953.
For deliveries to our customers in Alabama, we collect the simplified sellers use tax and remit it on the customer’s behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue. Our program account number is SSU-R010412973.
Other States: At this time, FSI Office is not required to, and does not, collect sales tax for shipments to states other than those listed above. You may be required by your State to remit sales or use tax on your purchases. FSI Office is constantly reviewing developments in sales tax law and may begin collecting tax in other states as it becomes necessary.


Question: How do I do a return?
Answer: If you look at the bottom of our webpage under Helpful Links, the second link says “Return Request”. Fill out this form, and click the Submit button, and your return will be processed and an email copy will be sent to you, for you to print and place on the item for return.

Question: How long should a return take?
Answer: Our return procedure usually takes 7-10 days for completion. Fill out the return request form online (see previous question) or contact your CSR. The pickup is entered in our system, and then your driver is notified to pick up the item. The item in sent to our returns department where it is processed. Our Accounting dept will them complete the process and apply the credit to your account.

Question: Who do I contact regarding my product’s Warranty?
Answer: The warranties of items are between the manufacturer and you the buyer, not with FSIoffice. Please contact the manufacturer with any warranty questions. For a phone number listing of the vendors in our current catalog, please click here.

Question: How does FSIoffice handle recycling toner cartridges?
Answer: If you purchased the toner cartridges from FSIoffice, our drivers will be happy to pick them up for recycling with your next delivery. Please contact your CSR if you have a pick-up ready so they can inform your driver.