FSIoffice Customer Testimonials

What makes FSIoffice different from every other office supply dealer? A lot actually! From our Sales Force to our Customer Service Reps to our Delivery Drivers, you just can�t beat our service and our competitive pricing!

"The personal attention that I receive. It's as if I'm the only customer around!"
Mandy Dockins
Anderson County (SC) Treasurer's Office

"I love the feeling of giving our business to another small business owner. FSI's customer service is one of the best I have worked with in 35 years! Quick and simple order and delivery too!!"
Kelly Dishongh
Greenbrier Dental Center

" Very reliable, The customer service is the best I have ever dealt with!!!"
Anita Kennerley
Carolina Premium Beverage

"Service promised is service provided. Orders and billing are error free! We have been using FSI for almost ten years."
Sharon Kane
Montessori Children's School

Locally owned and operated. Very professional staff and they make you feel like part of the family."
Ivy Deaton
RJMW, Inc.

I love how easy it is to log on and reorder items from my list, and how fast they are delivered. I feel there is a high level of personal attention."
Eloise Collier
Morgan-Keefe Builders

"We have been with them so long, they feel like family. They know what we want and deliver our orders promptly. FSI is top notch group."
Gail Lyles
South Carolina Humanities Council

" Customer Service is outstanding! The fact that I can call my CSR and get the answers I need is unheard of in other companies."
Katherine Konopka
James F. Byrnes High School

"We have dealt with several vendors over the years. I feel that we get a personal touch with FSI. I can contact an assigned rep. The delivery person is very personable and comes in like he's a friend of the family, but maintains professionalism. It's a delight to order from FSI."
Rochelle Maple
Limestone College

"Customer Service! You have the best team you could ask for, from ordering to delivery."
Wanda Langley
York Technical College

"FSI hires the best people to work for them! They are always friendly, willing to help and are always on their A game!! Thanks for providing such great service to us!"
Christine Roberts
Automation Technology, Inc.

"I would cry if our FSI delivery driver disappeared! He is so hard working, so nice, courteous, respectful and knows exactly what to do when he delivers. He takes initiative where and when I need it and I trust him to do that! Honestly, there aren't many employees out there like this one!"
Teri Carano
Superior School of Real Estate

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