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Educational Furniture Design Services

Embark on a journey of transforming your learning environment with FSIoffice: empowering schools and staff for success! Discover our captivating story of collaborating with schools, administration, and dedicated staff to create contemporary learning spaces that foster creativity and engagement. From innovative furniture solutions to flexible layouts and technology integration, we empower educators to cultivate a dynamic and interactive educational experience.

Join us as we weave together the narrative of transforming traditional classrooms into modern, adaptable environments. Together, let’s redefine the way students learn and teachers inspire. Contact us today to begin your chapter on designing a modern-day classroom! From sourcing that first Kindergarten desk through stacking that last storage locker, FSIoffice is not just a supplier in your education furniture process…we’re a partner in it. And we’ve made sure we’re in this with you every step of the way.


Connect | Discuss | Plan

  • Meet with a Furniture Specialist
  • Discuss your goals and needs
  • Explain our process
  • Get started on your design


Design | Revise | Finalize

  • Our team will take all the information from the meeting and begin designing
  • A Furniture Specialist will present you with creative solutions for your workplace needs
  • Submit feedback
  • Revise, edit and adjust these solutions
  • Finetune the details with fabric and finishes
  • coordinated to match your space and style

  • Input finalized design plan into a furniture design quote


Details | Procure | Install

  • Procure furniture from manufacturers
  • Prep site and key stakeholders for delivery and installation of your new furniture
  • Deliver and install furniture to bring your new workplace to life
  • Address any outstanding issues or punch items
Connect with us to see how we can help with all of the furniture needs for your educators.