Please nominate one person from your department that you believe meets the criteria listed below for Most Valuable Employee. 



Nomination Criteria for Departmental Most Valuable Employees (MVE)



  1. Excellence – Strives for perfection in all that they do.  
  2. Customer focused – Fully aware of whom their customers are (internal and external) and work hard to meet their customer’s needs and expectations.
  3. Efficient – Works in a well-organized and productive way to achieve maximum productivity.
  4. Team Player – Works well with others in their own department and other departments to accomplish tasks.
  5. Loyal to FSI – Works through proper channels to help improve FSI, not belittle it to others.
  6. Dependable – The person you can always count on to be there and get the job done.
  7. Positive attitude – Does not stay focused on why it can’t be done, but looks for ways to adapt and overcome to solve the issue.  Remains confident that there is a solution.
  8. Innovative – Creative and accepts that change is not only inevitable, but necessary.